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Perspective from the Edge

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I’ve been flustered and short tempered lately. I have learned that when I feel this way, it’s typically an indication that I am outside of my comfort zone.

It’s true - lately, I’ve been working in very different ways to offer my classes and courses virtually, creating new offerings and taking risks in order to keep serving my students and living my purpose.

When I’m outside of my comfort zone, stuff comes up. Frustration. A short temper. Impatience. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of failure. I get moody and a bit edgy when I’m sitting in discomfort.

In yoga, we talk a lot about the edge - practicing to the edge of sensation in the body, to the place where you are feeling challenged by the discomfort yet not in pain. The place where “stuff comes up.”

In my practice, that’s the sweet spot. Where I’m feeling everything. It’s a vulnerable place for me, the edge. It’s scary at times. It’s thrilling at times.

My practice reminds me to stay present without pushing away the scary or leaning into the thrill. Riding the wave and feeling all of it.

Because of my yoga practice, I’ve learned to change my perspective: I know that when I’m flustered and “edgy” that I’m on to something good. That I’m stretching and reaching and growing into new places. I’ve learned to keep going and have faith, to trust myself and this process of moving through discomfort in order to grow.

This growth spurt isn’t easy. And it’s not dangerous either. There’s the edge. The place where I’m out of my comfort zone and still taking care of myself. That’s where we strive to be on the yoga mat and in life. Right on that edge, because that’s where life happens.

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