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About Angela


My Healing Journey

I have been healing for years.

I've healed my heart, all the many times it was broken into pieces.


From dangerously severe hives and the anxiety and stress that caused it.⠀⠀


A broken arm, and the shame that came along with it.


My lungs after smoking full time for years (and the day-to-day stress and anxiety which perpetuated the habit.)


Childhood scars from an estranged daddy who couldn’t be in my life the way I needed him to be.


My body, after a bad car accident that left me unable to move the way I used to.


From self-criticism and the limiting belief that I’m not good enough for anyone or at most things.

All of my life, I’ve been healing in some way.  Maybe you can identify with this too?

It’s no wonder that I was drawn to yoga and energy healing.  Because healing is hard - it can be messy, depressing, stressful, frustrating, overwhelming, lonely, painful, scary... 

It's slow.  It takes patience. Vulnerability.  

And I needed support; an anchor to steady me in the storm.  

That anchor is yoga and energy healing.  These practices have taught me that healing can also be the most transformative experience that will set you on your path and set you free.  That has been my experience with healing, and it is because of my commitment to yoga and energy healing practices.  


My practices have not only helped me to heal on every level, they taught me how to “turn poison into medicine;”  finding value and meaning in the unanticipated obstacles, effort, discomfort, frustration, and within the wounded pieces of myself.  

With the support of a skilled teacher directing me towards my healing goals and helping me stay accountable along the way, the challenge of healing gave me the opportunity to grow and learn invaluable lessons.


The way a beautiful lotus flower grows in the mud, something remarkable blossomed after every one of my healing experiences.  


As if the parts of me that needed healing were guiding me towards my path, directing me towards where I needed to go in order to evolve, awaken and RISE to my highest potential.  


Through my practices in yoga and energy healing, I’ve learned that when pain arises, I sit in the middle of the pain and I feel all of it.  And when I’m happy and feel whole, I sit in the middle of that joy and feel it too.


Life is about feeling it all, the beauty and the terror, and then turning it into something meaningful and of value to your heart.  This is the work I’ve dedicated my life to…

Helping others to recognize that value and use it to heal.

If you are healing - chronic anxiety, disease, stress, a broken heart, a broken body, a negative mindset, past hurts, harmful habits, toxic emotions…I got you. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Claim a free call (below) and let’s chat about what challenges you are facing, and how my work with energy medicine can help you...not only to heal, but to RISE.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Let’s heal together. ⠀


With healing love,


Angela xo

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