"Angela is a stellar teacher. She leads with grace, eloquence, and a pacing that puts the student immediately in touch with what is sacred in yoga practice. Advanced and beginners alike would derive great benefit from her inspirational teaching." 

- Anodea Judith, author Wheels of Life, Chakra Yoga

“Angela is a radiant energy source, a beautiful teacher, and a light on this earth.”

– Megha Nancy Buttenheim, Founder / Creator, Let Your Yoga Dance®

"Angela is a talented force of nature."

- Rudy Pierce, "The Gentle Yogi”, Kripalu Yoga Master Teacher

"Thank you so much for being you and sharing your gifts with us....you really have no idea how much you changed the way we approach each day."

- Anthony B., NJ

"Angela’s yoga class has profoundly changed me physically, mentally and spiritually… I find myself repeating her words at the very moment I need them to make good decisions in my life. Only a true master, only the rarest of teachers, can do this for anyone. I’m not alone. When class ends, I look to my left and right, and there's a joy in the room, and it’s Angela’s infectious, whole heart that's floated and become one with everyone who has the pure privilege of experiencing it."

- Asha O., NJ

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the work that you do.  I did not anticipate that this trip would be a healing / emotional one but DAMN.  It feels as though my soul was finally heard.  It has been the most liberating and enlightening experience… I am thankful beyond measure…this has been a very monumental life experience.” 

- Regina S., CO

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating and leading this beautiful, amazing, life changing retreat.  You have changed my life and inspired me in ways I can’t begin to count.” 

- Kathleen R., NYC

“The virtual chakra coaching sangha you have been offering through [COVID-19] is SO good. I LOVE your energy as a healer and coach!”

- Kim R., Canada

“Angela cares and loves everyone, and that's why teaching Yoga is the perfect gift for her to share.”

- Joanna E., England

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