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Sound  Healing 

​Sound Healing

is based on over 5,000 years of holistic Indian medicine. It is one of the most powerful healing modalities for the energy body.  


Scientific studies show that toxic energies such as stress, anxiety, fear, and jealousy vibrate at a low frequency, as do illness and death.  Whereas energies such love, peace, and joy vibrate at a high frequency, which is similar to the frequency of wellness and vitality. 


We all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency. The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you feel in every layer of your being - physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Your energetic vibration has a direct effect on all areas of your life. 


When a person is nourished with the right kind of sound vibrations, the billions and billions of cells in his / her body start to vibrate & reorganize themselves into a healthy state of being.


Powerful healing vibrations produced by healing grade Singing Bowls have relaxing, hypnotic effects on the brain, which can help people to quickly access a deep meditative state (the alpha-theta brainwave state) where the body’s internal healing mechanism is stimulated.  Meditating and calming the mind are the cornerstone of health & longevity. 


Sound Healing is not just for people who have illness.  


Anyone can derive great benefits from it.  Many people become calmer and report higher levels of energy, feeling balanced and grounded, as well as better sleep.


I play handmade, healing grade Tibetan Singing Bowls from Tibet.  My set vibrates at the frequency of the Chakras (the energy centers of the body which govern all areas of our lives). The singing bowls are handmade in Tibet from the finest materials, which also vibrate at high frequencies. 


During a session, there is very little to do except lie comfortably on the floor and allow the vibration of the singing bowls to absorb into your being and take you on a meditative journey through the healing power of sound.


In a private session, clients lie comfortably on the floor, surrounded by the bowls so that the sound vibration encircles their entire body.  This is the most powerful way to experience this healing modality.


During a sound bath experience, a group of people come together in a warm environment and allow the healing sound of the bowls to wash over the whole space.  The experience often begins with a guided meditation and gentle movement to prepare the body to rest comfortable in a relaxed position.


60 or 90 minute private sessions consist of Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, and can also include verbal Chakra Coaching (life coaching based on the chakras) as well as other modalities that I believe will be most helpful to you depending on your needs.


Please note:  Sound Healing is not meant to diagnose or cure illnesses, although it may support the body in healing itself on multiple levels.  


60 min. Private Session in Manhattan:


90 min. Private Session in Manhattan:


60 min. Group Sound Bath - Rates vary depending on location and number of people. 

Please contact me to discuss options for your group.

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