This 3 month mentorship is the most intimate, all-access way to work with me.  

Beloved Goddess Sister,


How are you doing?  What is gripping at your heart right now?  Take a deep breath, dear one, take my hand, and let me be your guide...


In this 3 month program, I'm here to get unconditionally in your corner, steady your gaze, and drop you back into your radiant, infinite power.  


To call out your fear when it starts grasping at the reins and redirect you back towards your highest potential.  


We spend the first 6 weeks together taking a full Chakra Inventory to deeply assess where you are in each chakra and corresponding area of your life, where you'd like to be, and how I can help you to get there.  


Then, we focus our work on the chakras and areas of your life that are asking for the most attention in order to move the needle, and fast, so that you begin to awaken to the Goddess that you truly are and call her forth with confidence and grace.


Inside the Goddess Mentorship Program, I work closely with only the most committed women to realize their unlimited potential and reach their life goals while feeling aligned, inspired, and passionately connected to their purpose and truth. 

"Angela is a stellar teacher. She leads with grace, eloquence, and a pacing that puts the student immediately in touch with what is sacred in yoga practice. Advanced and beginners alike would derive great benefit from her inspirational teaching."


 - Anodea Judith, author Wheels of Life, Chakra Yoga

The package features:

  • Weekly, 60 minute coaching calls = 12 total

  • 45 minute virtual reiki sessions = 2 total

  • Voice & text support via Discord App


If you want an action plan and tough-love accountability from a personal coach and mentor to awaken the Goddess within you, this program is for you.


Is your heart stirring just reading this?  


Let’s have a quick chat to find out if we’re a fit.  Click below to set up your time.

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