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Using the 7 energy centers of the body (the 'chakras'), Angela works one-on-one with clients to identify, and help to clear, imbalances and blockages in the body and in your life. A free 15 minute consultation is available.




What are the chakras?

The word CHAKRA literally means 'wheel' or 'disk' in Sanskrit. The Chakras refer to the wheels of energy throughout the body which align the spine, from the base to the crown of the head. There are seven main chakras, which govern all areas of our lives, therefore it is essential that they stay open and aligned to live life to our highest potential. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow, and can result in feeling stuck or blocked in certain areas of your life.


What is chakra coaching?

Chakra coaching is a method of coaching using the 7 energy centers of the body (the chakras) to identify blockages or imbalances in your life. Once we identify focus areas, I offer tangible tools to help you create balance and harmony in those areas of your life.  


What happens in a session?

Together, we:

  • discuss each chakra and your relationship to that area of your life

  • identify a focus area

  • create goals 

  • direct experience of feeling each chakra in your body

  • you leave with personalized self-care rituals, specific to the chakras and areas of your life that you want to work on.


What are the benefits?

Prana (invisible life force energy) is balanced, helping restore natural energy levels, inner harmony and vitality. Many clients have experienced more clarity and focus on certain areas of their lives that need attention, and develop the confidence and motivation necessary to achieve their goals and live to their highest potential.


Is chakra coaching for you?

Do you feel like something in your life has to change, but you're not sure what or how to change it? Are you feeling blocked in a certain area of your life?  Is there a sense of imbalance in your life? Do you want tangible tools to help clear blockages, create harmony and raise your life force energy?  Do you want to live to your highest life potential? If you've answered YES to any of these questions, Chakra Coaching is for you! Schedule a free 15-minute telephone consultation to find out more.    


How often do you need a session?

This is highly personal.  Whenever you are faced with a challenge that you want help identifying and working through. Whenever you feel stuck in an area of your life. When you want help breaking habitual patterns in your life. Whenever you want clarity or balance in a certain area of your life.  I recommend committing to at least one session per week for a month so that we can go deeper into the work and achieve sustainable benefits.


How long is each session and what's the cost?

Each session is one-hour long, and the cost is dependent on how many sessions you wish to book.  Discounts are given when you purchase multiple sessions in advance.  Please contact me for rates.

Angela is a wonderful yoga teacher and warm, inviting presence who is the only person I know who does CHAKRA COACHING. What is that?! AWESOME, is what it is! It's like life coaching, meditation, talking with your best friend and arts 'n crafts all bundled together. I came away with a simple and wonderful plan for making more space in my life to just 'be'. 
- Stephanie R. 

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